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Keith Concrete Contractors is a trusted concrete service provider that serves residents and businesses in the cities of Cary, Morrisville, and Carpenter, North Carolina. Whether you need pool borders, domestic concrete drives, or large car parks, our team can surely do it! Our mission is to be the trusted concrete contractor in the area, delivering quality and safe concrete services.

As skilled concrete contractors, we guarantee that we meet the demands of all our clients and keep them updated throughout the building/repair process. Here are a few of the concrete projects that we produce, design, and renovate in Morrisville, NC, and its surroundings:

Carpenters Concrete Contractors Cary, NC

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You may be on the fence about choosing between asphalt or concrete. However, concrete’s durability and decorative designs are very much preferred by many Morrisville, NC, homeowners. Some prefer classic concrete slabs; others may opt for stained or stamped concrete.

Concrete Driveway contractor, NC
Concrete Stair Services in Cary, NC

Decorative concrete for your hardscape and walkways. Concrete offers unique designs and can add character to your home. It is affordable, accessible, and requires little to no maintenance. The experts at Keith Concrete Contractors can build decorative concrete for your residential or commercial property.

Go with the classic concrete look, or get innovative with the fantastic stamped concrete designs you can pick from. Stamping adds life to your residential or commercial property walkways, deck, and patios. Did you know that stamped concrete has significantly smaller maintenance than brick and stone?

Stamped Concrete Services in Cary, NC
Concrete Repair Services in Cary, NC

Moisture, heavy rainfall, and rapid temperature changes, all common in Morrisville, NC, can push concrete to expand or contract, causing damage over time. In this unfortunate situation, concrete repair will be needed to bring your property back to life. Repairing cracks is easy and should be done as soon as you detect them to prevent additional damage.

Is your property situated on a slope or hill? At Keith Concrete Contractors, we do a concrete block retaining wall to maintain a neighborhood that is accessible, safe, and stylish at the same time.

Concrete Foundation and Retaining Walls in Cary NC
Concrete Polish in Cary, NC

Choosing between resurfacing and concrete polishing can be tricky. However, it all comes down to the state of your floor. If your floor has significant spots, such as spalled areas, and requires extensive patchwork, it would be best to consider concrete resurfacing instead.

Patios are indeed excellent extensions of your home. We can build stamped and stained concrete patios with superior quality and durability in Morrisville. Get more value and function from your residential or commercial property with stunning and affordable patio installation.

Concrete Stamp Services in Cary, NC
All Pro Cary Concrete Contractors - Concrete Staining Services in Cary, NC

If you need concrete staining, the experts at Keith Concrete Contractors can help you. Concrete staining can also help cover the concrete from the impact of cars. The same thing goes for any concrete floors with heavy types of machinery, such as a commercial workplace.

Our concrete contractors in Morrisville, NC, have been assisting families with their hardscape needs for many years. From a simple driveway to the most fantastic patio, we deliver the best concrete services within our client’s budget.

We value the challenge of creating something original and making it stand out. Whatever your budget is, we aim to stretch it to the highest quality of creativity, work, and material we can. For more information regarding your next concrete project, call Keith Concrete Contractors and speak with our friendly representatives.

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