3 Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

3 Benefits of a Concrete Driveway - All Pro Cary Concrete Contractor

Do you find your driveway dull and dirty? If you are worried that you might need to totally demolish your driveway and start over, there are other options to try and some benefits to enjoy. One excellent choice for an upgrade is to build a concrete driveway which can bring your home to a whole new level in terms of appeal.

With a concrete driveway, customization is possible. This means that the color, texture, and design is completely up to you. Concrete driveways not only beautify your home but also add the strength and longevity you’ve always wanted. This includes all other exterior concrete surfaces you might want to add to your property.

Why Choose to Have a Concrete Driveway

In upgrading your driveway, the best option is concrete, and there are a number of reasons why. Below are the top 3 benefits that prove concrete to be a valuable material to use.

1. Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance - All Pro Cary Concrete Contractor

Impossible, it may seem, but yes, concrete needs less maintenance than other materials. However, to help it last for more years, maintaining its cleanliness and seal is also necessary. Using a hose with pressurized water and a stiff-bristled brush for scrubbing is easy. To add more protection to any concrete surface involves using a concrete sealer, which may be applied once a year to the surface of your driveway. This will prevent water and moisture from penetrating through your driveway surface. In the long run, doing less maintenance to your concrete will result in less expense, too.

2. Eco-Friendly and Highly Customizable

Eco Friendly and Highly Customizable - All Pro Cary Concrete Contractors

The less overall energy used for concrete building is another benefit. Unlike asphalt, which requires 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit of heat for mixing, the cost of producing and installing concrete is much cheaper than others. After 30 or 50 years, this concrete used for your driveway can still be recycled to create a new design, saving you, or the next homeowner, from having to pour a new driveway.

Customization is a great news for homeowners looking to build a unique concrete feature in their homes. This will, of course, be more convenient if you consult your trusted concrete driveway contractor to assist you with the palnning. The colors and texture you want can be achieved, too. Stamped concretes allow you to imitate exactly how a luxurious-looking brick or cobblestone is made. With concrete, your driveway can look more expensive than it really is.

3. Longer-lasting and Durable

Longer lasting and Durable - All Pro Cary Concrete Contractors

The lower cost of installing asphalt is deceiving many homeowners to choose it instead of concrete. Asphalt also needs a liquid binder that holds it together for a certain period. The downside of this, however, is it’s prone to cracking, distortion, and disintegration. As for concrete, the cost may be a little higher than with installing gravel or asphalt, but its durability is something that can save you from more expenses over the years. If installed properly and with the right maintenance, concrete driveways can last over 30 years.

Install Your Dream Concrete Driveway Today!

Install Your Dream Concrete Driveway Today - All Pro Cary Concrete Contractors

Connect with the most dependable concrete contractor near you in Cary, NC. At All Pro Cary Concrete Contractors, we have your back on any decorative concrete building project you’re planning. You can rely on our established years of service to all homeowners in the area, reminding us of the hard work we’ve done and the trust they’ve given to us in delivering first-class results. We’ll upgrade your driveway and transform it into the most attractive modern concrete driveway that not all homes have.

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Take advantage of our premier residential and commercial concrete building services today. We offer the most effective and seamless service at very competitive rates. From a simple concrete driveway and walkway to a lovely patio, we’re going to be the best team to accomplish everything. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from day one of the building process until we finally achieve the results you want. If you’re ready to revolutionize the appearance of your driveway, give us a call at 984-409-7989, and we’ll get to you right away!

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