Can Crumbling Concrete be Repaired?

All Pro Cary Concrete Contractor, NC - Can Crumbling Concrete be Repaired
Can Crumbling Concrete be Repaired - All Pro Cary Concrete Contractor, NC

Concrete is just like any other building material. It is artificial and, thus, is bound to have weaknesses that need attention. If you want your concrete to last for many years, you must be aware of the common issues that can be found in concrete.

One way to make sure of the concrete structure’s durability is to ensure its proper mixing, placing, finishing, and curing. Otherwise, any concrete not prepared the right way may cause accidents and more serious problems along the way. Crumbling concrete is just one of the usual issues encountered by homeowners and business owners. The reasons why this happens are discussed below.

Why Concrete Foundations Crumble

Concrete undergos scaling or spalling, which makes a big impact on its structural stability. Scaling or spalling is the condition when concrete has been exposed to freezing, which eventually leads to crumbling or chipping. Also, scaling can be due to the concrete’s old age as well as from regular pressure washing.

Why Concrete Foundations Crumble - All Pro Cary Concrete Contractor, NC

· Excess water

Following the indicated amount of water to add to the cement during the mixing process must be done to achieve a strong and durable concrete surface. Concrete starts to set when you add water as the material reacts to water or moisture in it. The chemical in the cement bonds with the water. Therefore, the right amount is required for the bond to be perfectly strong.

· Freezing and Thawing

Annually sealing your concrete walkways or steps is essential when it comes to preserving them through the winter. The water trapped inside your concrete freezes during winter, which causes the binders to move and creates an expansion. Crumbling happens when the frozen water inside begins to melt once again.

· Minerals

This pertains to the minerals inside the gravel mixed with concrete. Gravels can naturally have mineral deposits inside them, such as pyrites, that can cause cracking and crumbling in the concrete. Also, with mica and silica in high amounts, crumbling and deterioration can later on occur. To choose the right type of gravel to use, modern- concrete testing standards may be applied to new concrete.

Steps in Repairing a Crumbling Concrete

Steps in Repairing a Crumbling Concrete - All Pro Cary Concrete Contractor, NC

1. Use a stiff scrub brush to remove the dust or any loose concrete on the surface that needs repair. For bigger crumbling pieces on the surface, you can use a chisel or a hammer to remove them from the affected area. Make sure to focus on the areas of the concrete that has cracks. Then, wash the parts to be repaired using a garden hose. Let the concrete dry completely for 24 hours.

2. After one day, you may dampen the concrete again using a spray bottle or sponge in the affected areas. This way, you’ll be able to apply a small amount of water to the surface rather than soaking it.

3. At this point, you can apply cement paint or an adhesive primer before adding the patching materials. Doing this will help the paint bond easily with the old concrete. Use a medium or large paintbrush for best results.

4. Once done applying the cement paint, you can add the patching material, which should be a ready-mix compound. Also, it is recommended to work when the sun is down or be in the shade.

5. Wait for two hours before adding a second coat of patching material. Then, another 30 minutes for it to cure. See to it that the surface remains smooth and leveled in all areas.

6. Cover the patched area with a plastic tarp and sprinkle it with some water using your garden hose once a day for two days. Once it’s all completely cured, you can remove the tarp and check out your newly-repaired concrete.

However easy these steps may seem, if your concrete is crumbling due to other more serious issues, it’s best to seek a stronger solution, which can be provided to you by your trusted local expert in concrete.

Who Cares for Your Concrete Foundation the Most?

There’s no better and safer way to deal with concrete issues than to hire expert concrete builders. The material’s durability and flexibility are best handled by the skillful and highly trained hands of professionals in the field. With All Pro Cary Concrete Contractors, you can be confident in your choice! Our solid understanding of how to build and mold concrete into the shape, style, and size you like make us a dependable team of expert concrete builders in Cary, North Carolina.

Who Cares for Your Concrete Foundation the Most - All Pro Cary Concrete Contractor NC

Timely repairs are necessary to maintain the structural integrity and safety of your concrete for many years. In order to determine any issues in your concrete, such as cracks or scaling, you’ll need the help of experts who have years of experience, proper training, and knowledge in using appropriate tools for the job. All Pro Cary Concrete Contractors can be your one-stop shop for all that! We have competent expert concrete builders and highly-modernized tools and equipment to help you.

When you hire us, you need not worry about anything in the process. We’ll get it done in no time, ensuring top-quality results and unmatched customer service. Your dream concrete is our priority. We’d like to hear about your project goals and ideas. Let’s connect today. We’ll help you achieve your concrete needs and wants in the most affordable, modern way. Call us at 984-409-7989 and get your free quote.

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